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Earscan Acoustic Impedance Audiometer

No longer available, replacement model currently in development for future release.

Earscan is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, middle ear analyzer offering impedance and/or air conduction audiometry. Tympanometry features one and three second test speeds and an optional ipsilateral acoustic reflex. The audiometer may be used in either the automatic (microprocessor controlled) or manual (operator controlled) mode, and is available in two versions: as a threshold audiometer, or as a pass/fail screening audiometer.

Earscan audiometer incorporates user selectable frequency and intensity levels to optimize test parameters for the best compromise of speed and thoroughness. All testing levels may be easily programmed prior to testing. At the time of purchase, the user may also specify levels that fulfill their testing requirements.

LCD reports stored test data, allowing the operator to recall established thresholds and tympanograms for both ears. The serial port allows test data to be transmitted to an optional printer for single or multiple hardcopy reports, or to a computer for data management with commercially available software.

Earscan Acoustic Impedance Audiometer
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